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Inca Ball

Several hundred years ago, the Inca race existed on Earth, which, for unknown and incomprehensible reasons, simply disappeared. Scientists are still puzzled and cannot get to the bottom of the truth of the disappearance of this mysterious people. Such interest arose not only among all scientists, but also among lovers of tourists-archaeologists. Only no one really knows the exact habitat of this people. After all, the most interesting and reliable fact is that the Incas kept their own secrets constantly secret. To learn something about the life of the Incas and what they actually did, you can try your luck in the game “Temple of the Incas”.
You will have to work hard for this in solving many difficult puzzles. Quite by accident, you may discover the location of the mysterious Inca race. If this happens, do not rush to report your discovery ahead of time to the community of archaeologists. First you need to be sure of your discovery yourself. The game “Temple of the Incas” will help you not only become a real archaeologist, but also a thinker who can cope with all the puzzles and thus learn the secrets of the disappeared people. So, in front of you is the usual “zoom” with moving multi-colored balls. Your task is to collect balls of the same color in rows. Once you do this, they will immediately disappear. For this, you will receive bonuses that will help you not only ensure a safe passage, but also allow you to quickly complete the level. Try and you will definitely succeed. Good luck!