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Pengapop 2

Do you want to go on a journey through the endless galaxy? Then you’ve come to the right place. Meet a little alien who loves to travel. When he traveled through time, something went wrong because he received the sos command. Something terrible happened on a neighboring planet, so you need to help out those who are in trouble.
When the little alien arrived on the planet, he was informed that colorful balls were attacking. You need to shoot them, but you need to use logic. A colored snake is moving towards you, and you are in the center of the planet. You need to shoot balls at that part of the snake, what color is the ball in your hands now. Try to shoot quickly and in groups of the same color. If you manage to make more than three balls together, they will disappear. So you must continue until you completely shoot the multi-colored snake. If you just shoot the balls at random, then the length of the snake will increase, and the balls will open a secret door. Then you have to start the rescue operation from the beginning.