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Treasures of Montezuma

In ancient times, everyone was afraid of the fire of the ancient Egyptian god of Death. He was very tall, massive and strong, and his head resembled a jackal. Anubis around sowed death, thereby replenishing his energy. Nowadays, you can find his image on the walls of ancient pyramids. The daredevil who came to the Temple of Anubis for untold riches is unlikely to return from there alive.
Your hero decided to unravel the mysteries of antiquity and set foot on the grounds of the temple. Now you need to help him, and for this you need to unravel all the mysteries and secrets of Anubis.

In Treasures of Montezuma online game you will notice a sacred amulet in the center of the playing field. It is crammed with colorful tiles. Divine vessels of different colors will move on you through the labyrinth. Look for single-colored groups with your eyes and fire your projectile of the same color into them. The group will disappear, clearing the area a bit. Continue in the same spirit, but do not forget that the snake should not get to the hiding place. If that happens, Anubis wins.