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Zuma Atlantis 2

Once these lands were the greatest on our planet. People here were happy and did not know troubles. And the god Poseidon patronized them. However, over time, people began to forget about it. Offerings to the divine patron became more and more scarce, and services in the temple almost ceased to take place. All this entailed the wrath of Poseidon. He destroyed the altar that contained the power of Atlantis. A terrible storm began and very soon these glorious lands disappeared from the face of the Earth. In the game you will have a unique opportunity to go to Atlantis and restore the same altar. To do this, you will need to collect seven power crystals together. Various tasks await you, related to the search for objects and the compilation of figures three in a row. Return to Atlantis its greatness! Use the computer mouse to control the game. Play Zuma Atlantis 2 online for free!