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Zuma Ball

Puzzles and shooters are different – some are complex, while others are simple. If you are new to gaming, then you should start with the latter, and then gradually increase the difficulty. For example, pay attention to Zuma Ball – the well-known bubble shooter. It has no opponents and even time limits, but there are a huge number of levels and several modes. The task is about the same everywhere – you need to shoot at the snake from the balls and shorten the snake with each shot until it reaches the finish line. At first, the snake will crawl slowly, and you will do just fine, but do not relax, because it will soon speed up.

The well-known classic bubble Zuma Ball game has been taken to a new level and moved to the famous IO-spaces. The rules of the game remain the same, but now you have a unique opportunity to play online with other players. Shoot at the moving chain of colorful balls so that there are three or more balls of the same color next to each other. Only in this way they will disappear from the playing field, and you will receive additional points to your account. With each level, the task will become more difficult, and the balls will move much faster. Carefully and carefully shoot from the totem until you get to the last ball. Break the chain and be the winner.