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Zuma Bubbles

In the game Zuma Bubbles you have to throw colorful balls. After you start the game, a full-screen spiral will appear on the monitor. A series of multi-colored bubbles moves along it. At the bottom of all this is a device with which you will throw the rounds towards the chain of balls. Your task is to eliminate her before she reaches the end of the spiral. This can be achieved in the following way: collect balls of the same color in groups of three or more elements that will disappear.

In “Zuma Bubbles” game you will find a huge number of levels. They become more and more difficult, the spiral moves faster and faster. As soon as you eliminate a group of bubbles, you will be given points, you need to score as many of them as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate, especially when you do not have the balls of the right colors. This applies to more difficult levels, since the chain moves quickly in them and there is no time to think. However, there is a solution to the problem: when using the “space” key, the color of the ball can be changed.