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Zuma Egypt

In Zuma Egypt game you will be entrusted to lead the protection of the secret entrance to the Egyptian pyramid, which the insidious villains intend to get into. Their leader stole a map showing underground corridors leading to the main treasury.

They are determined and will direct their loyal soldiers to their cherished goal. For the convenience of passing through small tunnels, a team of colored balls was formed. With persistent perseverance, they will move forward in spite of any obstacles. To repel enemy attacks, you will have at your disposal a rapid-fire cannon capable of firing at a great distance. There is only one way to destroy an enemy army, firing shells in such a way that they fall into a group of elements of the same color. In this case, they will disappear from the playing field, breaking the chain.

Everything here will depend on the accuracy of your hero’s shooting, quickly navigating in a constantly changing environment. Do not make offensive mistakes, using each projectile for its intended purpose.