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Zuma Frog

Zuma the Frog is the most popular online game, which has led to the emergence of a huge number of games with the same plot and rules.

Usually toads and frogs are harmless and even defenseless, but this is a different case. In Zuma Frog shooting ball game you can stand up with frog for itself and protect it’s home, which is attacked by many, many bright balls. The frog needs to destroy the balls before they get into its hole. Frog can shoot the same balls, and you have to help her. Shoot clusters of balls of the same color to burn them down. In case of a successful shot, you will not only shorten the chain of balloons, but also earn rewards – points and buffs for accuracy. If you miss, it’s okay, the main thing is to be quick and don’t miss the balls to the frog’s hole.

The main idea when creating this genre of the games with frog and balls was to create a cool and very positive frog that will release balls of very beautiful colors from its mouth. This owner of a huge number of balls sits in the middle of the playing field and throws balls in different directions. But she does it wisely. Around her, colorful balls are running along the chain, which really want to get to the frog, but if they do, our cute heroine will simply burst, so you need to help her destroy these balls. Throw a ball at a group of balls of the same color and they will disappear. There will be many surprises in this free online game. For example, after the disappearance of a group of balls, the half that ran ahead can go back a little, or just wait for the other to catch up.

Now you can play Zuma Frog game by shooting balls of different colors from the frog totem at moving balls of the same color. In the game, balls of all rainbow colors will move along a curved trajectory, and it is you who will shoot the same balls at them in order to free the playing field from them. If the balls get to the frog, it will mean your failure. However, you always have an attempt to play again. If you wish, you can spend at least a whole day playing this toy, but believe me, in fact, it is easier than you might think when reading the description. Remove pink, mustard, light green, blue and yellow balls. Do not worry, you will succeed with the first click of the mouse.