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Zuma Halloween

You must have heard of the ball puzzle game called Zuma at least once. So, here in Zuma Halloween you will just destroy these balls in order to escape from the creepy house of the insidious witch. She lured you to visit with cunning, but the witch is bad and it would be good to run away as soon as possible. To do this, you need to cope with the puzzle that she prepared. It is necessary to destroy a long chain of multi-colored balls, accurately shooting at them, and it is worth acting as quickly as possible, otherwise the witch will come to her senses and come up with something else so that you do not run away. Please note that you can only destroy groups of balls of the same color – three or more. If there is only one ball, nothing will work.

Halloween is a holiday that both old and young love. Funny and scary masks, frightening pumpkins with luminous eye sockets and all sorts of evil spirits – all this attracts attention and fascinates. This game is made in the same style, in which you will have to use different Halloween faces as balls. All of them are imprisoned in transparent bubbles and you need to free them. A little dark wizard will help you with this. Shoot them at a cluster of the same bubbles and pop them to free the captives. To the left of the wizard, you will see which ball will be next to shoot. If desired, you can replace it with another using the arrows.