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Zuma Kitty

It was zoom games that conquered the whole world, because the most interesting and addictive invention of our time. Who could have imagined that it would be so interesting to destroy chains of colorful balls by shooting them from special installations! Right now, you have a great version of the game in front of you, which received the cheerful name “Zuma with a kitty.” Why such a name? Because a cool blue mustachioed cat shoots from the installation in the game, and the balls resemble round multi-colored mice. Hurry up to participate in the cat zoom. You will definitely not regret the time spent! Moreover, for this, you only need a computer mouse.

Any small animals, whatever they may be, are always more fun than their adults and strict parents. Take, for example, the same kittens. Pretty little kitten, can you just sit still for a second? Of course not. Here and forest animals like to have fun. And they invite you to play Zuma with them. Launch the toy and see how they move along a convenient path. You will see little foxes, hedgehogs, bunnies, wolf cubs. You will meet many funny animals in this active snake game. Join them soon and enjoy the game. Use the computer mouse to control.