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Zuma Lost Island

In Zuma Lost Island You will find yourself on an island where people seem to have never been, it is so clean and untouched by civilization. There are many interesting things on the island, for example, treasures, but in order to get them, you need to complete tasks. You will shoot balls of different colors from a cannon, and as a reward you will receive jewelry, coins and other treasures of a tropical island. But sometimes it’s not so easy to destroy the balls, because they rotate, move, and every second get closer to their goal – the cave. If the balls hide in the cave, you can’t do anything but go back to the start and try again.

Once upon a time, in a remote area on the slopes of the mountains, a tribe lived in harmony. People had no enemies, and everything happened in a peaceful atmosphere. During their existence, they managed to collect a lot of treasures in Zuma Adventure game with which they had the habit of decorating their homes. But at one fine moment, a big trouble happened – the volcano began to erupt and people had to leave their villages in a hurry in order to hide from death.

Of course, at that moment no one thought about treasures, and soon they completely forgot about their existence. But there was one brave girl who is ready to show you the place where the treasures are hidden. All that is required of you is to get a figurine of a golden cat for her. Solve puzzles in Zuma Lost Island game as you confidently move towards the place where the treasures are buried. Look carefully at the exit from the cave, where multi-colored balls will roll out, and shoot at clusters of balls of the same color. The more accurate shots will be made – the higher the chances of winning and acquiring untold wealth.