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Zuma Luxor 2

What is the origin of the Zuma Luxor 2 game you can only guess. Perhaps the people were able to please such a game with such gods as Anubis or Ra. As for the rules, they are quite simple. You will not experience problems in the form of an ordinary slave or a wise and famous priest. Multi-colored balls, collected in one chain, slowly move around the arena, and you involuntarily notice that the shades are very diverse, that your eyes run wide. It is necessary not to lose self-control and save the colorful balls before they fall into the abyss, from which there is no turning back. The finish can come when the balls fall into a deep dark hole.

Try to destroy the balls evenly, thereby preventing them from falling into the abyss. The more balls you remove, the more you earn the desired points. Balls of the same type always disappear, so you need to strive to collect them together in order to ensure that they disappear. Try to use your ingenuity and then blue, red, yellow balls will find their friends and will not be captured by darkness.