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Zuma Revenge 2

In Zuma Revenge 2 game the shaman Zuma decided to restore order in his kingdom and punish the soulless balls that constantly mischievous and did not obey him. He bewitched them. You have to save them and at the end will fight with the boss, who will rage, throw all sorts of fiery things and will constantly dodge your attacks. Try to defeat him so that the long-awaited peace will come in a small country of balls. In front of you, like beads, multi-colored balls are strung, which are in motion and keep their way into the very mouth of the monster. You must not allow this, you need to save the balls by collecting them in groups of the same color.

As soon as the balls of the same color find their like-minded people, they will immediately disappear, and you have to save other balls. Enchanted projectiles will give everyone the opportunity to escape and not fall into the terrible toothy mouth of the monster. Try to think over your actions in order to finish the level faster and score a lot of points.