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Zuma Pinball

Just look what a surprise is prepared for you. This is the real Zuma pinball game! Did you know that this is even possible? Right now, you can take advantage of this great opportunity to try this new product and become a champion again. At the bottom of the screen is a slingshot, with which you can launch projectiles into a moving chain of colorful balls. If you manage to make a row of three identical figures, then the length of the chain will be well reduced. Your goal is not to let this string of balloons reach the finish line and fail. But the whole difficulty lies in the fact that the track is difficult, because in some places there are figures on it that reflect the impact of your projectile and direct its flight in the completely opposite direction. These figures are marked with asterisks. If your projectile flies through a label with a number, then all your points will increase by the number that is written on this label. A computer mouse will help you cope with the task.