At the dawn of computer games, Zuma Deluxe simply blew up the gaming world, gaining millions of fans around the world in a short time. Then everyone played it, and it was and probably will forever remain a cult game. And once again, this is proved by the fact that today a huge number of similar games have been created with a variety of characters and graphic design. Some of them turned out better, some worse, but no one managed to surpass the Zuma Deluxe. However, we can assure you that all games in this series are worthy of your attention. In the Zuma Games section you will find the best and most popular of them. We have tried to find for you all the Zuma html5 type games ever created so that you can enjoy playing each of them: Zuma Revenge, Egypt, Frog Balls, Zuma Bubbles.

Zuma bubble shooters

All sorts of fun with balls appeared a very long time ago and are not going to lose ground. For example, there is Zuma – a colorful and dynamic shooter with balls at a snake, consisting of the same balls of different colors. The rules are very simple, so understanding is a matter of a few seconds. There are different modes: endless, multi-stage, with time limits, with balls of a specific color, with two or even three ball snakes at once. You are required to fire balls into the snake and gradually shorten it. Keep in mind that you will have to hurry and try, because if the snake gets to the finish line not destroyed, you will be defeated. In this case, you can try again.

How to play

The rules are simple: in front of you is a moving row of multi colored balls and your task is to have time to destroy them all, preventing the last ball from approaching the end of the path, which ends with a hole that absorbs the balls. To do this, shoot at clusters of balls of the same color and they will disappear from the chain. Enjoy your time in the world of Zuma!

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