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Zuma Marbles

If you are ready for new adventures, then visit the temple of the Incas in Zuma Marbles game. Here you have to fight with multi-colored balls that will not give up so easily to your logic. The ancient tribe wants to teach you a lesson so that you are not so presumptuous. Pass tests and demonstrate your dexterity, resourcefulness, logic and desire to win.

Under your control is a platform that shoots colorful balls. You see a long multi-colored snake moving towards you. Evaluate the colors that are the most here and what color groups there are. When the platform prepares the next ball for a shot, direct it in the direction where there is a group of the same color. If three balls of the same color are collected, they will explode, if there are four, you will receive a useful bonus that you need to catch.

Here is one of the clones of the legendary and very popular Zuma game, which is in no way inferior to the classic version. Games of this genre are very contagious and once you discover this exciting game, then it is very difficult to stop playing it. The task is simple, as at first glance: you need to destroy the balls in a long chain and not let them disappear into the hole ready to devour them. To do this, shoot balls of different colors into the chain, aiming at the same color to get a combination of three or more balls in a row. You need to shoot accurately and accurately, because each ball sent to the chain and not destroying the other balls lengthens it and brings the end of the game closer.