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Zuma Jungles

If you want to go to South America, then try to win the Zuma Jungles first. There are many predatory animals in this country, and they are ready to go to any tricks to overtake their prey. In South America, beautiful landscapes, blue sea and many palm trees with bananas. A multi-colored long snake slowly creeps up to the monkey, which is in the center of the screen, and destroys it. No, this outcome of the game does not suit us, because we must protect the monkey from the snake, and not offer it on purpose, as a dinner.

When the links of the snake shimmer with multi-colored shades, the monkey must send a single-colored ball from its cannon to the place that matches the color of its ball. If it turns out that three or more links of the snake are of the same color, they will immediately disappear. You can remove many links, the main thing is to correctly guide the monkey, which shoots colorful balls in different directions. If the distance is large, it is better not to aim, as there is little chance that you will hit the target. Try to look closer, it will be much more effective.

The dangerous jungle can hide many incredible secrets behind its dense thicket. You can not resist the temptation to solve them and at the same time find countless treasures. In the Balloons game you will meet a sacred monkey who loves to play with colorful balls. When the snake moves along the trodden paths across the playing field, you will shoot at it and burst the balls.
Each color of the projectile must find its own group of three or more balls. When it explodes, the snake shortens and there is a chance that you can quickly clear the playing field and go to the next level. Then you will play all with the same balls, only they will move through different labyrinths. They are more tortuous and very dangerous. It will be difficult for you to aim, so the snake can quickly get to the dark portal from which there is no return. Focus and don’t let it happen.