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Zumba Ocean

Undoubtedly, any variant of the Zuma game is a real treat for the players. After all, zoom toys are the most exciting in the world. In Zumba Ocean game, a shell that lives on the bottom of the ocean shoots pearls. She has real treasures, because all her pearls, which are used to play zoom, are of different colors. You have to shoot at a chain of pearls to remove them from the chute. The shorter this pearl track, the more points you have and the longer the game! You just need to act quickly, and most importantly – very thoughtfully. After all, if you shoot with valuable pearls thoughtlessly, then this way you can not simplify the Zumba Ocean game, but, on the contrary, only complicate your task!

We are pleased to present to the attention of the players another exciting and fun toy from the permanent heading “Zuma games”. In this game, as, in principle, in other games of this category, you need to make every effort to prevent the colorful balls from reaching their chosen target – a small dark mink on the right side of the game window. Shoot combinations of balls of the same color and win. A computer mouse will help you with this.