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Zuma Easter

A strange event occurred in a magical land, multi-colored bubbles in large numbers began to quickly descend from heaven to earth. Fairy-tale characters made the only correct decision in this case.
They started shooting at the groups of balloons with projectiles of the same color. And we got a result that exceeded all expectations, the bubbles began to burst, not reaching the surface of the planet. Now the main thing is not to allow long pauses, and approaching the cannon one by one, destroy the uninvited guests. Take control of the situation and help the funny monsters defend their territory.

In order to have fun and with interest, take advantage of the simple opportunity to shoot balloons from a virtual gun.
The shells in your gun will hit randomly by color, so before each shot, look at the location of the bubbles at the top. Hitting a group of balls of the same color will lead to their destruction. To do this, they must be a set of at least three balls. After passing each level, you will earn points. But the next task will be more difficult.