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Zuma Candy

All delicacies are now in direct access, so those with a sweet tooth will not miss this opportunity. We need to prepare goodies for customers. Everyone ordered a certain type, and all the delicacies were mixed up. Now you have to sort the candies into groups. For this you will need a slingshot.
Shoot candies at those groups where there are two or more goodies. As soon as this happens, they will disappear, that is, they will go to the customer. Donuts move along the snake, they do not stand still, thereby causing difficulties. Turn on your accuracy and don’t miss a single treat from your field of vision. Sweets are full of variety, but this should not scare you. Look for those one-color groups that match the color of your candy in the slingshot. You will succeed if you do not give in to difficulties.

The task and meaning of any zoom game is to destroy and break a chain of elements of the same name, which is constantly moving in a certain direction. Of course, these objects can always be different, but most often they are ordinary balls of different bright colors. The authors of this new zoom game have prepared a great surprise for you – a sweet toy in which instead of balloons you will have delicious donuts with icing in different colors! Yes, you have simply never seen such a holiday, and this means only one thing: this zoom is worthy of your close attention, because it is not only incredibly interesting, but also delicious!