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Zuma Pirates

Let’s play pirates for a bit and go to Blackbeard’s island in Zuma Pirates game. It is you who will feel all the surprises that unknown places will throw at you. But you must find the treasure, so choose a pirate hero and start your unforgettable adventure.

Pirate career will begin from the moment you choose the flag under which you will fight. Take a seat near the cannon and charge it with colorful charges. Blackbeard will not give up the cherished treasure to those who cannot cope with dangerous traps. You must enable logic and speed. A multi-colored snake will move towards you, which you need to smash to smithereens.
Look for groups of the same color and aim your projectile of the same color at them. If there are no such groups left, but only singles, supplement them with two balls and they will immediately explode. The difficulty is that the snake is constantly moving through unusual labyrinths and with each new stage they will be more twisted. You can do it if you turn on mindfulness and maneuverability.

Pirates love treasure, but this time it won’t be as easy for them to get gold coins as they would like. To do this, you need to destroy a lot of colorful balls. Want to join the pirates and help them get more gold? Shoot at clusters of balls of the same color and thus eliminate them from the playing field. As soon as the balls that support the gold coin are destroyed, you will immediately receive it and a certain number of points. Your task is to collect as much of both as possible. You have many exciting levels ahead of you, and with each of them the game will become more dynamic and interesting.