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Zuma Deluxe 3

If you miss adventure, then it’s time to have fun to the fullest. The stone frog for the Incas is a sacred animal that personifies wisdom. This frog can shoot balls of different colors, and now you will see for yourself.
The offensive of colorful balls starts right now, so guide the stone frog so that it releases its projectiles in time. The fact is that if, for example, a red projectile hits a group of red balls, then it will immediately disappear. You need to keep doing this with other colors until you completely clear the playing field. You need to try to make sure that the multi-colored snake does not hide in a dark tunnel.

No wonder all the zoom games have long conquered our world. It immediately seems to many that there is nothing special in the tasks that these games offer, but it’s generally impossible to tear yourself away from them. This time you will find a variation of the zoom game, in which you will participate in the most real and cool dragon. It is he who will supply you with the balls that you will need to use to complete the game task. You have only one, but a big task – to prevent the chain of multi-colored balls from crawling to the exit. You can only do this if you constantly break the sequence of balloons by firing your cannon. Do you have a computer mouse with you? Then, let’s start!