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Mystic India Zuma

The countries of the East have a lot to offer entertaining games. They hide many unpredictable adventures and mysteries. Everything is saturated with oriental flavor. India is the most friendly and ready to present you with a lot of surprises. You will plunge into fabulous valleys, where you will try to prove to everyone that you are able to overcome everything and solve all kinds of puzzles. Zuma in Indian style will test your attentiveness, dexterity and ingenuity. If you prove that you are worthy of the title of winner, then you are entitled to a prize. If the opposite is true, then it is better to make room for other participants or try your hand again and again.

There is a magic hole in the central part of the playing field. She, like a magnet, attracts colorful balls. But they still do not know that inevitable death awaits them there. You must not let them lose everything they have, so try to collect groups of the same color and thus reduce the multi-colored chain. But the balls are calling their friends and the game seems to be endless. But no, the edge of the chain is visible, and this means that if you completely clear the field and do not let a single ball look into the abyss, you win. And the winner is waiting for a prize and a new level.

Here is an online game created on the basis of the legendary Zuma. However, there is a slight difference – the game is completely redone for the Indian motif. Indian decoration, Indian music, elephants and, of course, palaces with Indian patterns. Otherwise, everything is the same as before – more than three balls of the same color disappear, and if this led to the formation of a new group, it also disappears and you get bonuses. You will also receive a bonus if you make it in time. Plus, it becomes possible to change the color of the ball that you will shoot, just press the spacebar. So go ahead.

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