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Zuma Arabian Nights 2

An amazing artifact with magical powers is in the treasury of the Great Sultan. For greater secrecy, it was divided into several parts, and dispersed among precious stones.

In Zuma Arabian Nights 2 game your task in this entertaining entertainment will be to put together all the parts and steal this treasured item. The dark Arabian night will be an undoubted assistant in your difficult task. You need to match the same elements in a row of three or more so that all parts of the artifact are at the bottom of the playing field. If everything goes well, lightning, explosions will help you, and the time allotted for work will increase.

The cruel ruler was known for executing his wives. Until Scheherazade appeared in his palace. She tells her husband wonderful fairy tales as she escapes death night after night. Along with this, a brave and smart girl is looking for a way to escape from the palace, for which she needs a variety of things. We help the heroine collect everything she needs and escape by connecting the crystals on the playing field three or more in a row. Passing levels, players will meet with Ali Baba, Sinbad, Aladdin and other heroes of their favorite fairy tales. Play Zuma Arabian Nights 2 online game for free!