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Zuma Classic

Zuma Classic is a long-known and beloved puzzle game with balls. Its essence is simple: there is a frog that shoots balls of different colors and destroys a chain of balls step by step. To win, you must act quickly, otherwise the chain will reach the finish line and slip into the cave, and you will be defeated. Before you now is the classic version of Zuma game, in which you still have to shoot the chain of balls. You can also shoot bonuses and thus take them for yourself. In addition, after every tenth level you will meet with the boss, you must also defeat him with the help of multi-colored balls, otherwise you will not be able to go further.

In a bright sunny meadow, the Zuma Classic has warmed up! This bubbles game has a lot of fans, and in the new version there are not only interesting winding paths, but also a very colorful design. Multi-colored balls are moving through the labyrinth, and your task is to shoot accurately and add another one to the balls of the same color. The assembled row, in which there are at least three identical balls, disappears, and you need to do the same with the rest of the balls until the whole β€œsnake” is over. Keep an eye on the balls that are preparing to be fired, as well as the bonuses that are highlighted, with them it is much easier to come to victory. Great game and good mood!